ZASTROW grows Clarity, Consistency and Compassion in the workplace.

ZASTROW helps organizations grow the most essential leadership & collaboration skills to managers and employees at all levels…

Delivering Client Solutions

ZASTROW delivers customized solutions in leadership, relationship competencies and collaborative corporate cultures. 
Our services include executive leadership, middle and team management, collaborative employeeship and interpersonal efficiency. Our interventions take different shapes:

  • the classic delivery formats: classroom training, coaching, facilitation, or …

Assisting you in cultivating a collaborative corporate culture is another core ZASTROW deliverable. It is easy to decide to be collaborative. It is equally frequent that consultants claim to know how to do it. But to maintain and nurture a collaborative culture requires a very specific set of skills that we know how to teach.

Conducting Train-the-Trainer programs
As a concept developer and a partner the RC Group and The Schutz Company, ZASTROW offers trainer certification in 3 different training concepts: DIRECT LEADERSHIP®, RADICAL COLLABORATION® and THE HUMAN ELEMENT®. But our international partners also offer general T-T-T skills, so don’t hesitate to ask us if this is your need.

Under the headline CONCEPTS you will find detailed descriptions of the 3 training concepts.

Each training concept may be delivered in a generic format that can be replicated anywhere in the world or they may be adapted to meet specific needs by trainers certified in the relevant material. ZASTROW can deliver in multiple languages. opic.

ONLINE Training
This is our new “baby” that we’ll soon show to the world. The first program will be a Direct Leadership® Online Program that we expect to launch during 2017. It’s designed in such a way that it may be taken directly by individuals or may be sold by the certified trainers as part of a blended learning solution.

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Zastrow - Direct Leadership

DIRECT LEADERSHIP – the most vital process in your organization

“Fail in your day-to-day direct leadership and the organization will fail to perform!”

Ever wonder why implementation is so hard? Why employee satisfaction surveys say the same about managers year after year? Then maybe it is time to take a look at how well your managers understand their deliverables.  ZASTROW’s DIRECT LEADERSHIP model builds awareness and skills centered on the LEADERSHIP DELIVERABLES from managers to their reports. And this in turn provides the organization with the best vehicle to deal with strategy implementation, change, technological disruption.

Learn more about Direct Leadership® 


RADICAL COLLABORATION – Build Collaboration by Reducing Defensiveness

“Nothing is easier than deciding to collaborate – succeeding requires a very specific skill set!”

Want to go beyond the ordinary team building sessions and learn how effective you and your colleagues can be if you can dissolve defensiveness and collaborate with the true interests of both yourself and others in mind?  

Learn more about Radical Collaboration®


The Human Element – Getting real work done by being authentic

“As humans we have most things in common, but the few things we haven’t really stick out!”

Want to learn about relationship intelligence from the original source? Who was there long before emotional intelligence became a household concept? ZASTROW offers relationship psychology knowledge based upon Will Schutz’s original research about relationships at work. 

Learn more about The Human Element® Cornerstone & Organizational Solutions

Learn more about Customer Impact powered by The Human Element®

21st century leadership is a many-facetted craft. We teach it!
Leadership communication is not just rhetoric. You need to know what to talk about if you want to lead effectively.
To compete externally, you must first collaborate internally…



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