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Looking for: New ways to improve leadership practice? Increase engagement and flexibility? Grow high-performing, psychologically safe teams? Coach individuals to increased resilience, self-confidence or behavioural changes?

Let Me Help You

I am skilled and experienced – and I’ve walked “in your shoes”.

I always combine “being” with “doing”.

I teach, coach and/or facilitate with focus on how people can translate their true nature into action.

I am undogmatic and open-minded. I tailor my interventions to your realities and time limitations.

I have worked as a leader and in Corporate HRD. So I know your challenges and constraints. I also know how many coaching and training providers you may have to sift through to find the right fit.

In 2003, I launched Direct Leadership – a training concept for middle managers and team leaders.

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What Sets Me Apart?

While many trainers and coaches focus only on the “being” aspect” of their clients’ roles, such as being a good leader, a succesful employee, a project manager…?

But… “being someone or something” can’t be separated from “doing” what’s needed.

And without a strong focus on “doing”, there will be no transfer of learning from an intervention.

Choose Me…

You’ll get a solution that integrates a deep understanding of your challenges with practical and tangible tools.

Additionally, I don’t judge if you only require a couple of hours of my time.

My interventions range from ultra-short 2 hour interventions to personalised coachings and week-long certification programs. I accept the challenge of working within your time constraints while delivering excellence.

Together, we will create the intervention that fits your needs!

What Clients Say

“Since our program with you, we have make great steps forward and the collaboration has increased a lot. The workshop helped people realize that “maybe we need to do something more proactively”.

“Your energy and your advice regarding problems in regard to leadership and teamwork is so valuable”.

“You bring a wealth of wisdom, empathy and calm to your work”

“Your focus is that things must work in practice – you never settle for a fluffy solution”.

“You offer new perspectives on the world. This gives hope to everyone you meet that they play a role in their own life”.

Your deep respect for people makes you see and help individuals on their own terms“.


I’ve worked with all sorts of themes, people and programs.

Recent Clients

Chr. Hansen A/S, Enemærke & Petersen, Kvist A/S, Rambøll A/S, Boklok AB, Red Barnet, DJØF Efteruddannelse, TryZone, LeaderHubs. EMC Ledelse.

Many Formats

My work takes many different shapes: 2-hour intensives, Half-Day Workshops, Longer Training, Coaching, Facilitation, Lectures, Standardised Programs, Customised Solutions, Online, Blended Learning, etc.

Each of a butterfly’s 4 life stages is unique to that particular species of butterflies. 

My job is to understand YOUR uniqueness and help you spread your wings!

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Copenhagen, March 2023

Karin Z

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